NationalIR contends there is only one way to quantify measurable success in an awareness campaign whether for Stock IR, ICO / Crypto IR, or Crowdfunding IR:

This is simply a significant increase in investors buying into the idea / the story and confirmed by the data that goals were met whether it be a $1 million goal in crowdfunding or more eyes on a stock or coin, or a successful ICO.

In order to accomplish this goal, each company requires a unique platform for the successful dissemination of detailed information through every pertinent medium in order to attract those investors who will buy into the idea. The story of your stock, ICO / Crypto / Coin, or Crowdfunding offering must be told and must show up where investors will notice it, over and over.

The next generation of investor relations focuses on custom platforms, such as SpeculatingStocks and SpeculatingCoins Social Network for Investors. Both are part of the growing range of properties and partners used to gain awareness for NationalIR clients.

NationalIR finds consistent success in often taking a contrarian position to the prevailing industry status quo. Our unique combination of generations on staff and a horizontally integrated business model to gain experience in Investor Relations across the board fosters creative alternatives to the long standing traditions of the Investor Relations industry.

NationalIR offers complete custom in-house solutions for each of our clients. We draw upon our divisions specializing in all things stock, Crypto, and crowdfunding market, FINRA and SEC compliance guidance, newsletters, direct mail, corporate identity development, product management consulting, Website creation, sector specific websites with high Google rankings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website development, support on our wide range of websites, corporate fact sheets, social media optimization, published financial articles, corporate blogs, copywriting, dissemination of press releases through PRNewswire and other alternative press outlets, advertisement placement, blog links to major websites and proprietary projects under development.

NationalIR handles every avenue of breakthrough nationwide exposure in-house for our clients to ensure a measurable level of success custom tailored to the specific and unique needs of each client.

Contact us for a Free IR Awareness Proposal Custom Fit to the Stock / Small Public Company, ICO / Crypto Coin / Token, Equity and/or Reward Crowdfund Offering.

NationalIR connects a broad range of entrepreneurs, programmers, digital media experts, information technologists, Internet development experts, seasoned marketing and financial services professionals together to offer our clients a complete end to end solution.

The wide range of websites we developed and the success clients experience from our platforms has led to top Google rankings. This brings enormous exposure to each of our clients. Additionally, our IR team has average 15 years in the financial services industry as investor relations professionals. There is little that we have not faced ourselves. It is this vast experience and diversity that is the foundation for our success.